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4 Easy Design Trends to Add Functionality to Your Kitchen

Something surprising happened a couple years ago when families found themselves spending much more time in their homes than ever before: they rediscovered their kitchens.

Unfortunately, the increased demand also revealed to many homeowners that the heart of their homejust wasn’t working efficiently or happily, and they began looking at major fixes. But incorporating fresh function might be easier than you think, according to BBK designer Victor Fernandez. Here are 4 trends he’s championing for common kitchen ailments.

Choose a layout that works for you

“We’re moving away from the old triangle layout,” says Victor. “Instead, a much more practical placement takes into account how people actually work in their kitchens. They want what they use most to be close by, and we design to make it fluid, comfortable and efficient.” Today’s resident cooks are putting the sink closer to the cooktop and moving the primary refrigerator outside this active traffic zone.

Reconsider your refrigeration

Since many households now source fresh ingredients, refrigerators need to be larger, with wider shelves to accommodate cookware and serveware; separate freezers or compartments are smaller—and some convert to refrigeration at the touch of a button. Have you thought of refrigerator and freezer drawers in the prep area to save you steps?

Rethink the sink

Especially if you do a lot of fresh-ingredient prep, consider a “work station” sink that makes cleaning, chopping, draining and plating a cinch. And now’s the time to plan for the huge convenience of a second sink in a new designated beverage area—and third sink in the butler’s pantry or mudroom.

Increase your island space

Having family and friends near at hand but outside the work area has never been a more obvious need. So plan for an island or peninsula large enough to give all of them a seat at the table—whether it’s to do homework, open the wine, chop some herbs or eat that aromatic dinner they’ve watched you prepare. New kitchens are sporting islands that comfortably seat six and more on two or three sides.

Your designer will have more ideas for layouts, materials, appliances and innovations that give you a kitchen that perfectly suits your needs, whether it’s for work, play, relaxing—or all of those activities at once.

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