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The Brand

From its beginnings in 1989, Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design has adhered to a simple purpose: create stunning, innovative custom designs based on enduring principles, ever mindful of the client’s own vision, aesthetics and lifestyle. Exceptional client collaboration, a Bluebell hallmark, gets a boost from the dynamic environment in our design studio, where team members inspire each other, pool ideas and share expertise.

Our passion for detail shows in the quality of every component material and the precision of the fit and finish of our installations. Not surprisingly, we choose our partners—cabinetmakers, stone fabricators, appliance manufacturers—for their outstanding collaborative “fit and finish” as well.


Our Mission

We create stunning bespoke kitchens and cabinetry for discerning clients who appreciate the blending of traditional artisanal techniques and innovative designs with the best natural materials and craftsmanship.

Our Vision

We set the standard for the most innovative designs, the highest quality materials, the most exceptional client experience and the finest cabinetry.


The Experience

We believe in creating a unique vision tailored to your style of living. You'll have a dedicated team of expert designers and project managers who will work with you from the very beginning to the final project phase. Every design and creation is crafted specifically around your lifestyle and interests to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind product.

Our Studio

A visit to the Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design design studio in Wayne, PA, is a gateway to an exclusive world of innovation and creativity. Our workspace provides an inspiring landscape, allowing our team of designers, project managers, and furniture engineers to coalesce, blend ideas, and share expertise freely. We take immense pride in our team and the dedication they share to one common ambition: crafting exquisite and unique products of unmatched worth. Join us for an immersive tour and witness the undeniable beauty, form and function of custom cabinetry.


Our Craft

Under the leadership of our Creative Director and Partner, Peter Cardamone, we design and create custom luxury kitchens and furniture that exceed contemporary standards.


Our unique creations are specifically crafted for individual clients, embodying their own story while maintaining the Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design spirit. Our designers work within our legacy of design principles that have been honed over decades but also celebrate the freedom of evolution. Each beautiful creation is bespoke and whole, delivering a unique and personal touch to every client.


From The Design Studio

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