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The Process



A World of Possibilities Awaits

The first step in your custom cabinetry journey is opening yourself to the luxury of possibility. That starts with allowing our design team to get an intimate understanding of who you are, what your design aesthetic is, and how you use your space. For this stage, we recommend visiting our showroom so we can walk you through our six immersive displays and show you the many different types of woods, stones, and finishes that we have available in our extensive design library. Our team can also provide an extensive inventory and review of the appliances, equipment, and gadgetry that will require specific storage in your newly designed space.


Form = Function

Once our design team has gathered enough intelligence around your cabinetry needs, they can begin narrowing the focus and crafting an edited portfolio of options. A design presentation with models of your specific project will allow you to visualize various possibilities and make decisions on space planning, colors, stones, appliances, hardware, lighting and every other detail that comprises your unique vision. Of course, this can lead to more exploration and further iterations of design - we enjoy collaborating and ensuring that every inch of space is thoughtfully designed around you.



The Art Of Custom Furniture

Brilliant design is nothing without brilliant execution. That's why we partner with an exclusive group of the most technically capable millwork shops in the country. These shops have coveted access to the most exotic species of woods and proprietary technologies to craft the most extravagant finishes. After a long tenure of working together, we speak the same language and share the same goal of creating something truly remarkable every single time. It is through these strong partnerships that we are able to push the envelope on design, to innovate and craft truly unique masterpieces for our clients.



Precision Is Everything

When you have given final sign off for your design, the project then proceeds to our Technical Services Team. All the drawings and details of your design are checked and double checked to ensure we provide our cabinetmakers with the highest level of shop drawings. Given that there is no room for error, our technical designers make at least one site visit to confirm any previously taken measurements and updated site conditions if the space has changed throughout the building process.



A White Glove Ending

To ensure the delivery and installation of your custom cabinetry is just as enjoyable as the design process itself, we have our own in-house install team and a project manager who oversees logistics. The complexities here should not be underestimated as coordination is necessary between architects, builders, and interior designers. We take pride in providing constant communication between all parties to efficiently manage project timelines and deliverables. Once a date has been coordinated, our highly skilled installers will bring your vision to life on site.

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