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The Difference


Unparalleled Customization

Cabinetry Designed Around You

Just as no two clients are alike, no two cabinetry projects are alike. Everything we design, craft, and create is fully tailored to you, your vision and the functional requirements of the space. We never use a mix of custom and semi-custom: to meet the exceptional standards we hold ourselves to, to play passionately with the finest of details, only custom will do. And because every solution we offer is individualized, we are not beholden to any design limitations: if you can dream it, we can create it. 

Exclusive Access

A Name That Opens Doors
(And Drawers)

Our brand's 35+ year legacy has enabled us to establish partnerships with the not only the most premier cabinet shops in the country but also the best providers of appliances, stone, hardware, sinks, faucets, hoods, etc. These are relationships that have taken years to cultivate and can only be achieved with the highest reputation and a standard for excellence. For you, this means access to the most highly-coveted woods, exotic and proprietary finishes, an exacting level of quality and the ability to work with artisans who can make any pie-in-the-sky design a reality.


Attention to Detail

On An Epic Level

Is there anything more important than a detail? For us, no. We live for the minutia. We love to consider how every piece of grain-matched cabinetry fits perfectly together, where every last serving spoon will live. It's the little things like the fact that our cabinetry is designed without seams which distract the eye, or that any cabinet door over 48" has a built in straightener to defy bowing, or that our team measures doors, stairwells and hallways to ensure your custom cabinetry can easily be brought into your home without causing damage to existing spaces.

Our Team Of Experts

To Guide You Through Every Stage Of The Journey

We pride ourselves on having the best designers, engineers and installers in the industry. This is the only way we can guarantee the innovation, creativity and service our brand is known for. If you're designing a custom stone sink for example, our stone designer will ensure not only its beauty but also that it functions superbly. No matter where in the US your project is, we require that our cabinetry is installed by one of our in-house team members; this ensures efficiency and that the most intricate design details are implemented to our amazingly high standards. We find that clients, interior designers, architects and builders consistently return to Bluebell not only for our designs but also to work with our first-class team.

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