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The Team

Peter Cardamone

Creative Director / Partner

Pete, the lead talent and creative engine of Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design since its launch in 1985, oversees the design studio and showroom. He ensures that Bluebell  continues to deliver: on its commitment to unparalleled client responsiveness, innovation and excellence in design and products and the fit and finish that are our hallmark. You’ll see his guidance and influence in every project, along with evidence of his unique flair and style.

Jake Taylor

Managing Partner

We think of Jake Taylor, Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design's managing partner, as the company’s pilot as he draws on his years in building trades management to expertly navigate the firm to new and unprecedented levels. Like any good pilot, Jake pays sharp attention to the details and doesn’t miss an opportunity to exercise his passion for continual improvement—in this case, in service to Bluebell’s skilled team, partners & clients. As a result, Bluebell is growing and thriving.


Claire Lacing

Senior Project Designer

A visual person whose interests include landscape and fashion as well as interior design, senior project designer Claire Lacing finds that great design gives her joy—whatever the source. When Bluebell pulled up stakes and moved to Wayne, Pete Cardamone, the firm’s founder and Claire’s longtime friend, convinced his former designer to return to his team. She puts her experience to use as co-leader of Bluebell’s design teams.

Lori Kurnitsky

Senior Project Designer, NCIDQ

All good designers are committed to listening to clients and interpreting their needs—and not letting them make any big mistakes. Where senior project designer Lori Kurnitsky is exceptional: she remembers that at the end of the day, it’s their space, not hers. On the backend, she focuses on creating a smooth, effortless experience for everyone involved, from clients to installers and builders, and co-leads Bluebell's design teams.


Victor Fernandez

Project Designer

Victor Fernandez’s attributes as a creative, effectual project designer include a big personality and an even bigger willingness to take care of whatever needs to be handled. His training as a civil engineer gives him a unique perspective on the design process and meeting clients’ goals and vision, while facilitating his understanding of—and ability to explain to homeowners—the technical aspects of a project.

Sabrina Dylag

Associate Designer

Shaping the look and feel of living and work spaces was almost a foregone career for associate designer Sabrina Dylag, with family members in the design and construction industries. She loves fun backsplashes and fabulous hardware for their ability to create an elevated aesthetic in any kitchen. A “triple-check kind of girl,” her scale and calculator are favorite tools in her design tool box.

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Robert Ross

Senior Technical Designer

A self-described total detail nerd, senior technical designer Robert Ross creates CAD standards, draws designs, reviews orders and confirms site measurements while heading up the technical design team. Preferring a simple, clean design aesthetic himself, Robert manages his work environment with his favorite tools: a mouse with 8 programmable buttons…and duct tape.

Michele Wood

Technical Designer

Technical designer Michele Wood augments three decades of designing everything from trendy penthouses to splendid cathedrals with her passion for the heart of the home and cooking creatively. Enhancing her value even further are 12+ years working with woodworkers & designers to create exquisite cabinetry, furniture and millwork for high-end residences.

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Olga Carlson

Technical Designer

Technical designer Olga Carlson amplifies her tech skills with an affinity for colors and materials and a refreshing enthusiasm for design’s potential and the stories it can create. Open, warm and friendly, Olga naturally develops comfortable, supportive relationships that benefit both clients and her team.

Tom Rutkowski

Technical Designer

Tom Rutkowski, technical designer, has decades of experience building on his BFA in Design, creating hundreds of beautiful, innovative yet practical living spaces that owners love to enjoy with friends and family. You’ll also see evidence of Tom’s fine woodworking and cabinetmaking skills in his insistence on the superb fit & finish of every project.

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Joe Barta

Installation Manager

Joe Barta, Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design's installation manager, has been building kitchens and cabinetry for over 30 years—and it shows in his breadth of knowledge and awe-inspiring skills. With added experience in all the building trades, he accurately plans and executes the installation of each furniture-quality piece with a precision valued by the design team as well as our clients.

Matt Mormando


From the start, installer Matt Mormando has brought his own brand of excellence in craftsmanship, attention to detail and innovative problem-solving to the Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design team. Happily for us and our clients, he’s a self-professed compulsive organizer who likes a clean and orderly jobsite—almost as much as he likes his oscillating multi-tool for cutting in hard-to-reach places.

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BBK Portraits_edits-2.jpg

Josh Barta


Installer Joshua Barta first came to Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design as an occasional helper to his dad, installation manager Joe Barta. After completing 4 years’ carpentry education at his tech high school, he joined BBK in an official capacity. Josh is responsible for rough and finish carpentry, cabinetry and electrical. He’s also the one who compulsively lays power tools on their sides to prevent them being knocked over and damaging floors or cabinetry.

Teri D’Alonzo

VP, Business Development

Teri D’Alonzo, Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design's VP for Business Development, has blended extensive sales & marketing capabilities from years in the medical devices & pharma industries with an exhilaration for exceptional design, quality craftsmanship and achieving the client’s vision—which she finely tuned while flipping houses as a side endeavor. She recognizes the potential of a project with a designer’s eye, inspiring our clients as well as our Bluebell team.

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Colin Stayton

Marketing Director

Colin Stayton’s experience marketing luxury brands convinced managing partner Jake Taylor to hire him to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for fast-growing Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design. As marketing director, he’s fine-tuned how Bluebell finesses an exceptional reputation into more business. A pilot and certified flight instructor, Colin speaks fluent German and shares a birthday with Google. Vielen Dank fuer Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!

Daniel Restrepo

Project Manager

Meet Daniel, our project manager who plays a vital role in the seamless delivery and installation of our fine cabinetry. Daniel oversees company logistics and coordinates the countless moving parts involved in delivering and installing custom projects for our discerning clientele. Drawing on his experience as a critical care nurse, he understands the importance of meticulous attention to detail, quick thinking and adaptability - qualities that are invaluable in ensuring the intricacies of your design are brought to life with the ultimate satisfaction.

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Jennifer White

Staff Accountant

Jennifer White, Bluebell Fine Cabinetry & Design's staff accountant, is exactly where she wants to be: tapping her 20+ years’ experience to perform a range of financial duties for a family-owned and -operated company. She appreciates the “family vibe” and her opportunities to improve Bluebell’s processes and contribute to its success. Free time in summer finds her at the Jersey shore; the rest of the year she’s seeking that warm beach ambiance in other locales.

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